How to decide on a training plan and selecting a course?

by Oguz Alpoge
January 15, 2014

Core Technologies for Web Development and Design: HTML5, jQuery, CSS3

Today, I wish to write about core technologies of the web.

Nowadays I consider HTML5, jQuery and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) as the building blocks of any successful and mobile-ready web site.

For instance, there is an overlap between PHP and server-side technologies. Both of these technologies utilize client code like JavaScript and JavaScript libraries of jquery, jqueryUI and KendoUI.

PHP heavily utilizes jQuery because the browser client of Chrome, FireFox and IE can only run JavaScript code.

Therefore, I am calling jQuery, JavaScript and other JavaScript libraries as core technologies which need to be learnt and experienced before someone can claim to be master of PHP, or even SharePoint.

When you look at job listings of and search for keywords like jQuery you will find that it is mentioned repeatedly in almost all of the job listings of PHP, ASP.NET, Java, SharePoint and Sitefinity. They keep mentioning it as their common denominator for all of their job requirements.

Similarly, if you search for JSP and other Java based web technologies you will find that jQuery is also required for those jobs. Search for jQuery Requirements

Let's have a look at these search results of to prove my point: Results of "jQuery" search at

Title Description
Front End Developer (JavaScript) JavaScript and JQuery (a must)
Front-End Web Developer JavaScript and jQuery experience. jQuery, Angular, Backbone, Mustache, Handlebars, HTML5...
Web Application Developer JavaScript including frameworks such as JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Backbone, and Angular. - Java and/or Scala programming skills....
Senior Front-end Developer - JavaScript JavaScript and prominent libraries such as jQuery. Working knowledge of CSS and semantic HTML....
Senior Front End Developer HTML5 and CSS3. More...
Web Developer Visual Studio 2012, ASP.NET/C#, JQuery, LINQ, AJAX, SQL Server 2008. Develop WCF Web Services as needed....
Web Administrator - Arts and Science Communications HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, Jquery, XML, Perl, Java and PHP.
Front-end UI Web Developer CSS and Javascript
Web Designer/Developer All of the following: JavaScript, jQuery, Java Applets, AJAX, COM, (X)HTML/DHTML, XML and/or XSLT, ODBC, DB2...
Web Developer / Full Stack (PHP) PHP (MVC, OOP), MYSQL and PostgreSQL. Hands on knowledge of JS, jQuery and any JS MVC framework (ie: Node.js, Backbone.js, AngularJS, MeteorJS, etc...
Web Developer (LAMP stack) HTML5, CSS3, XML, AJAX, XSL, JavaScript, jQuery 4. API and Web Service design a plus.

Deciding on a Training Plan

Therefore, if you are trying to excel in any one of these web technologies you must consider taking intensive and hands-on, instructor-led classroom courses on jQuery and other JavaScript libraries like KendoUI.

If you are a beginner trying to learn how to create web pages and websites you have to schedule a learning program which includes jQuery.

SharePoint programming of apps, web parts and master pages requires the understanding of how to include JavaScript libraries and how to benefit from them.

Likewise, CSS (cascading style sheets) have become extremely important for creating a unified look, page layout and design between many web pages of a web site. CSS has a new version of CSS 3. It enables a graphical designer to easily determine the fonts, colors, columns, margins, spacing between pictures and text in one single style file which will control all web pages. Twitter Bootstrap is a very rich and popular CSS Framework which comes with predefined CSS templates.

On the other hand, HTML5 will enable the designer with many features like animation and new tags.

As a summary, HTML5, jQuery and CSS are core technologies which need to be mustered to feel comfortable in any job environment of any corporation trying to create web sites.

If you wish to decide which courses to take from within the selection we are offering, I will advise you to always start with a course on these core subjects. Currently, we have two such courses. In our example of course listings you will find one course dedicated to JavaScript libraries and CSS. Additionally, there is another course teaching Microsoft ASP.NET and MVC (Model-View-Controller). This course also utilizes CSS3 and lots of different JavaScript libraries.

If you have a confusion which one to take first, we can always give you advice and customize a course to include different subjects into the syllabus of a new custom course.

If you have any suggestions for other courses, please let us know so that we can offer it for your needs.

It is our mission to provide affordable technical training on Long Island with full flexibility to adjust to the recent trends in the job market. Being next to the Mineola Train Station, our location is very convenient and quickly accessible from Queens, Brooklyn and even from NYC.

We have instructors to train you in all of the current technologies. Please write to us with your recommendations.

All of these subjects will become major building blocks of your resume. If you own or are part of a start-up corporation you will have greater success by learning how to utilize them.