How to decide on a training plan?

January 15, 2014

Nowadays I consider HTML5, jQuery and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) as the building blocks of any successful and mobile-ready web site.

For instance, there is an overlap between PHP and server-side technologies. Both of these technologies utilize client code like JavaScript and JavaScript libraries of jquery, jqueryUI and KendoUI. . .

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How to gain a unique advantage?

January 17, 2014

Irrespective whether you are a startup, a job seeker or even a large corporation you always have to follow and adjust to the trends in the marketplace. You will shine by implementing the latest and more practical technical solutions.

I wish to give examples from my experiences in my profession. Whenever I wanted to be recognized among the many tens of thousands of job seekers and small businesses, I had to become an early adopter. For instance, the same happened with my accepting Java and .NET as my main goals at different times of major turns in my profession.

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High demand for Client-Side Technologies

April 30, 2014

Initially at the beginning of the PC revolution, we had to install all software on personal computers. Later during the 1990s it became popular to design systems and software around the concepts of "client-server" and later of "Thin Client".

From Wikipedia: ""
"The term thin client was coined in 1993 by Tim Negris, VP of Server Marketing at Oracle Corp., while working with company founder Larry Ellison on the launch of Oracle 7. At the time, Oracle wished to differentiate their server oriented software from Microsoft's desktop oriented products. Ellison subsequently popularized Negris's buzzword with frequent use in his speeches and interviews about Oracle products.

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Design Patterns: MVVM, server-side and client-side MVC

June 12, 2014

A course on advanced client-side technologies will clarify much confusion on the implementation of different design patterns like MVVM (mode-view-view model) and MVC (model-view-controller). In a classroom setting you can share your concerns and questions with the instructor as well with other fellow students.

MVVM, like in KonockOutJS, creates dynamic data binding within the browser between different HTML5 elements of the page. Thus a textbox input can update a "span" tag or a "div" tag without ever posting back to the server. KnockOutJS is also part of the KendoUI JavaScript widgets.

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SharePoint 2013 App Models

September 15, 2014

Practical training with SharePoint 2013 needs to be accompanied with full understanding of the new application models and the direction of recent technology. Thus you can clarify much confusion on app models, object models (CSOM, JSOM, SSOM) and different design patterns like MVVM (mode-view-view model) and MVC (model-view-controller).

SharePoint 2013 has three new application models (app models) which are very cloud centric. They are:

1) SharePoint-hosted
2) Autohosted (in Microsoft Azure data-centers)
3) Provider-hosted

In a classroom setting, you will benefit by continuously interacting with both the instructor and fellow students.

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